1. Subjects of warranty application:

Warranty policy is only applicable to the LED lighting products brand of GLOBAL LED.
The warranty product, whichever is effective, will be applied according to the terms and conditions of the insurance version corresponding to the effective date of the document issued at that time.

2. Warranty period:

The warranty period is 05 (five) years for factory lights and lamps. The remaining lights apply for 03 (three) years.

The date of starting the calculation of the insurance value is calculated from the date of delivery or the date of the value added invoice.

Products after warranty will be calculated according to the remaining term.

3. Description of errors / failures of products covered by the warranty:

The light is not lit.

Do not operate the manufacturer’s specifications.

4. Warranty form:

For civil lamps: replacing new lamps for errors / failures in the first year of the insurance, the following years under the warranty period will be covered by repair or replacement of new components.

For industrial light lines (street lights, factory lights): only the warranty form to repair / replace components throughout the warranty period.

5. Conditions for applying free warranty:

Warranty products are within the warranty period.

Warranty stamp of the warranty product must be in the state of integrity, clarity, not crumpled, erased, changed content.

Warranty products are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Warranty products are used for the right purposes according to features and product characteristics announced by GLOBAL LED in Catalog / Website and other instructional materials of the manufacturer.

6. Conditions for not offering free warranty:

Product warranty warranty expires.

Due to user error such as installation, connection wrong regulations of the industry. Use of the product not in accordance with the features / characteristics of the lamp as published.

Arbitrarily change design or interfere with internal components or destructive behavior.

The product is broken or deformed due to the impact of physical factors such as breakage, impact, natural disaster or fire.

Cases of force majeure.

7. Write our books

The company only has a part of the event for different people.

The company has nothing in video games.

8. Writing Quang Chi books:

The SPBH can be designed and changed after their THBH sex and device.

Important in computer and electronic kit, one of two types of LED / flexible, computer, computer and LED Software for touch

9. Warranty requirements:

When a warranty is requested, customers send SPBH to the designated Service Centers or GLOBAL LED Company Office at the address that has been published.

In the case of SPCS being mass damaged, out of control as lightning strikes directly, the grid malfunctioning / phase failure causes the voltage to exceed the allowed threshold (too high or too low), natural ears, destructive behavior or a force majeure event …. Customers should inform our company soon to conduct a status assessment before removing it to confirm the cause of the damage.

10. Time for refunding SPBH

In case of new product replacement: done within 10 working days from the date the manufacturer receives SPBH at the destination.

In case of repair / replacement: depending on actual conditions, there will be sooner or later repayment results. However, the refund period will still be no later than 15 working days from the date of receipt of the SPBH at the destination.

11. Effect of insurance policy

This warranty will be effective from the date of issue until a new version is released.