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Global-led privacy notice

Effective date of this privacy notice

March 6, 2017


This privacy notice applies to personal data collected and used by GLOBAL-LED or its affiliates or subsidiaries (GLOBAL-LED). GLOBAL-LED appreciates the interest you have given our company, products and services by visiting our website, www.global-led.vn or related communication channels, including but not limited to our social media sites and / or channels and blogs (collectively “GLOBAL-LED Sites”). This privacy notice applies to all personal data that GLOBAL-LED collects when you interact with GLOBAL-LED, such as when you visit our website, use the product or translate service provided by GLOBAL-LED, purchasing GLOBAL-LED products or services, registering for newsletters, contacting customer support and when you interact with GLOBAL-LED as a joint customer industry, suppliers, business partners, etc.

This includes but is not limited to all online and offline collection of all types of personal data. However, some operations collected from GLOBAL-LED pages include data types with special requirements (such as health information), which require a different privacy notice. Whenever and wherever that happens, GLOBAL-LED will indicate another relevant privacy notice with this general privacy notice. In order to create a global approach to privacy protection and to allow internal data transfer between GLOBAL-LED companies globally, GLOBAL-LED has adopted the Enterprise Binding Regulation called Regulation GLOBAL-LED Privacy Policy. You can find more information about GLOBAL-LED’s Privacy Policy on the GLOBAL-LED privacy website (www.global-led.vn)

Why do we ask you to share personal data

We ask that you share your personal data with us for purposes including but not limited to the following:

• Buying GLOBAL-LED products and services online;

• Activate or register certain products and services or improve functionality;

• Receive information about GLOBAL-LED products and services;

• Participate in GLOBAL-LED online communities, including our social media / sites and blogs;

• Save your options for future interactions and communication from GLOBAL-LED;

• Help us develop products and services, as well as create campaigns designed around you, optimize customer service and continually improve our website;

• Help us improve our products and services and allow GLOBAL-LED to notify you or invite you to participate in testing of new products and services;

• Address consumer issues and / or products and services;

• Receive personalized announcements, advertisements and promotions tailored to your personal preferences, based on the information you have shared with us as well as based on information we have collected through Cookies or similar techniques for using GLOBAL-LED’s websites / social media / blogs. For more information about how we use cookies, click here;

When you work with GLOBAL-LED on behalf of a business customer, supplier or business partner, we require that you provide us with personal data for purposes including but not limited to in the following:

• Customer relationship management

• Facilitate access to information

• Improve communication experience

• Analyze and understand the interaction with customers

• Implement security program

• Help GLOBAL-LED participate in certification programs

• Answer questions or resolve requests for your products and services, as well as inform you about the status of the products and services listed above.

• Conduct a survey of satisfaction after your question has been answered or the request has been processed

In general, we only process your personal data for the purposes we have notified you. If we use your personal data for other purposes (which are closely related), additional data protection measures will be taken if required by law.

The type of personal data we can collect

When you interact with GLOBAL-LED, for example when registering at My GLOBAL-LED, buying products or interacting with GLOBAL-LED through GLOBAL-LED pages, for example, “like us on Facebook”, We may request or receive certain information such as:

• Your name

• Your email address

• Your phone number

• Your social media profile

• Your gender

• Your age

• Information about products and services you have purchased

• Your use and activities on GLOBAL-LED pages

• Your interests;

• And other information related to your online behavior.

In addition, depending on your choices of settings on social media pages and your settings on GLOBAL-LED pages, some personal data may be shared with GLOBAL-LED. Your online activities and social media profiles, such as interests, marital status, gender, user name, photos, comments you’ve posted, etc.

Furthermore, we may collect personal data through cookies or similar techniques, including but not limited to:

• Your IP address

• Your cookie ID

• Your web browser

• Your location

• The pages you have visited on our website

• The ads you viewed or clicked on

• etc.

When you interact with GLOBAL-LED on behalf of a GLOBAL-LED business customer, supplier or business partner, we can collect:

• Your name

• Your email address

• Your phone number

• Your picture

• Your IP address

• Your business address

• Name and address of the company where you work

• [personal details may arise within the scope of business relations, such as your interests, age)

Different ways for us to collect your personal data

You can share your personal data with GLOBAL-LED in several ways, including but not limited to:

• Register as a member of GLOBAL-LED

• Register to buy or perform services

• Your contact information with GLOBAL-LED. This may involve products or services and may include the content of questions you ask us, or requests you send to us

• Contact one of GLOBAL-LED’s Customer Care representatives by email, phone or writing

• Order products or services

• Participate in promotions, games or competitions

• Participate in a social media activity related to GLOBAL-LED advertising, such as pressing “like” or “share”

• Request to receive messages on your phone / mobile device

• Register to receive GLOBAL-LED newsletters

• Send us a complete reply card, accompanying your GLOBAL-LED product

• Voluntarily participating in surveys and testing services

• Log in to social networks, such as using Facebook or LinkedIn credentials to create an account or login

• When using GLOBAL-LED connected products / services and / or applications, you may be asked whether you want to share data with GLOBAL-LED, for example, sharing data your use or location data

• Cookies are placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website

• Listening to social networks: GLOBAL-LED can search the Internet for appropriate and publicly available content and use it to improve its products and services, solve problems of customers and providing targeted marketing services.

When you interact with GLOBAL-LED as a business customer, supplier or business partner:

• Register purchase activities

• Providing services with GLOBAL-LED

• Communicate with GLOBAL-LED

• Developing partnerships

• When accessing the GLOBAL-LED facility or system

• Join fairs, events or promotions

• Voluntarily participate in surveys and tests

• Call recording: GLOBAL-LED can record your phone call with us for training, quality improvement and compliance reasons

Personal data may also come to us when we buy another company where you are a customer. If you do not want GLOBAL-LED to use your personal data but not from you, you can let us know at any time by contacting us at the GLOBAL privacy website- LED (www.global-led.vn).

Share your personal data with others

We may share your personal data with service providers, business partners and other third parties, in accordance with applicable law.

For example, GLOBAL-LED can sell you a product or offer you a service in a marketing activity associated with another company (business partner). Agreements with these business partners will limit the purpose of using and disclosing your personal data as well as requiring your personal data to be fully protected. We will let you know when such a relationship exists and who these companies are before processing your data for such affiliate marketing activities.

GLOBAL-LED can also disclose your data to other companies such as IT and communication service providers, testing companies, data management support partners and other parties with relationships. necessary for GLOBAL-LED to provide its services.

When you interact with GLOBAL-LED as a business customer, supplier or business partner, GLOBAL-LED can disclose personal data in reports as well as other documents that you and / or your company has made a commitment to another business partner and / or a supplier.
If the law requires us to obtain your consent, or if we believe that obtaining your consent is appropriate in such circumstances, then we will obtain your consent before We share your personal data.

GLOBAL-LED will only disclose personal data in accordance with this privacy notice and / or as required by law.

Sometimes, GLOBAL-LED may sell a business unit or a part of its business to another company. Such transfer of ownership may include the transfer of your personal data directly related to that business department to the purchaser.

Your rights

After you have provided your personal data to us, you can reasonably access this information so that you can update, modify, or delete information if it is legal. For this purpose, we introduce you to the GLOBAL-LED privacy website (www.global-led.vn), where you can exercise your rights. On this website, you can also ask other privacy questions or submit your privacy claims.

You can also delete or change your GLOBAL-LED Account’s privacy settings by logging into your account and accessing your “personal settings”.

You will also be given the opportunity to opt out of the promotional messages we send you.

We encourage you to maintain up-to-date and complete personal and personal data settings.

Your choice

We want to better understand you so that we can serve you better, and respect your choice of how we use your personal data.

Your personal data can be transferred from your home country to other GLOBAL-LED companies in different locations around the world, which can inform you about products. GLOBAL-LED products, services or special promotions you may be interested in. If required by local law, we will ask for your approval before transferring your personal data outside your geographic area.

If you do not want us to send you personalized information or invitations, you can let us know by checking the appropriate box in the registration form or reply card, or by selecting “not participating.” on “the email you received.

When required by local law, we will ask you to “opt in” or confirm your consent to the processing of your personal data. For example, when required by local law, we will only send you newsletters if you have registered. Similarly, when required by local law, we will ask you to “opt in” before using complex filing techniques.

Because GLOBAL-LED sells thousands of products and services in hundreds of countries, you may have previously provided us with personal data through a reply card, through a help center or in a different way. . Your decision not to register now will not affect the personal data you have provided to GLOBAL-LED. Of course, you will always have the option to unsubscribe from any navigation information from GLOBAL-LED or change your profile information as described below “Your rights”.

No Tracking Signals

GLOBAL-LED is serious about privacy and security and strives to put our website users first in all areas of our business. GLOBAL-LED uses cookies to help you make the most of GLOBAL-LED pages.

Please note that GLOBAL-LED does not currently use a technical solution that allows us to respond to your browser’s Do Not Track signals. However, to manage your cookie options, you can edit cookie settings in your browser settings at any time. You can accept all cookies or only certain cookies. If you disable cookies in your browser settings, you may find that some parts of our site (s) are not active. For example, you may have trouble logging in or buying online.

You can find more information on how to fix the browser cookie settings you use from the following list:

• https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/technologies/managing/

• http://support.mozilla.com/en-GB/kb/Cookies#w_cookie-settings

• http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies

• http://www.apple.com/safari/features.html#security

On pages of GLOBAL-LED, Flash cookies are also used. Flash cookies can be removed by managing your Flash Player settings. Depending on the version of Internet Explorer (or other browser) and media player you use, you can manage Flash cookies with your browser. You can manage Flash Cookies by visiting the Adobe Website. Please note that restricting the use of Flash Cookies may affect features available to you.

Social media

When you join social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., you should be familiar with and understand the tools that these websites offer to allow you to give make choices about how you share personal data in your social media profile (s).

GLOBAL-LED is bound by the privacy policies or practices of these third parties, as well as our own Social Media Rules and this privacy notice, so we recommend encourage you to read the privacy statements, current terms of use and relevant information on how to use your personal data in these social media settings.

In addition, depending on your choice of settings on many different social media sites (and / or in combination with your settings on GLOBAL-LED pages), some personal data may shared with GLOBAL-LED about your online activities and social media profiles, such as interests, marital status, gender, username, photos, comments and content you have upload / share etc.

Links to other websites

While you consult online across GLOBAL-LED websites, you may encounter links to other websites for convenience and information for you. These sites may work independent of GLOBAL-LED and may have their own privacy notice, statement or policy. We strongly encourage you to review those policies to understand how your personal data may be processed in relation to these websites, as we are not responsible for the content of the websites. owned or managed by outside GLOBAL-LED, or principles of use or privacy of these websites.

Cloud computing

GLOBAL-LED can store your personal data in cloud computing. This means that your personal data may be processed by a cloud service provider on behalf of GLOBAL-LED and stored in different locations worldwide. GLOBAL-LED uses organizational and contractual measures to protect your personal data and to impose similar, but never less stringent, requirements on suppliers. Our cloud computing service, including requirements that your personal data is processed only for the purposes mentioned above.

How we protect your personal data

We recognize and take serious responsibilities in b Virtual protection of personal data you entrust to GLOBAL-LED is not lost, misused or unauthorized access. GLOBAL-LED uses a variety of security technologies and organizational processes to help protect your personal data. For example, we perform access control, use firewall, server security, and we encrypt certain types of data, such as financial information and other sensitive data.

Special information for parents

GLOBAL-LED websites generally do not target children under the age of 16 and GLOBAL-LED’s policy is to comply with the law when the law requires parent or guardian permission before collection, use Use or disclose information of children.

GLOBAL-LED especially advises parents to play an active role in monitoring their children’s online activities. If you believe that we have collected personal data from people under 16, contact us at the GLOBAL-LED privacy website (www.GLOBAL-LED.com/privacy).

Changes to this privacy notice

Services provided by GLOBAL-LED are always evolving, the form and nature of the services provided by GLOBAL-LED can change at any time without notice to you. For this reason, we reserves the right to modify or supplement this privacy notice at any time and will post all material modifications on our websites.

We will post a prominent notice on the privacy notice page to inform you of any significant changes to this privacy notice and will indicate at the top of the notice when it was updated. Last time. We encourage you to check back often to see the latest version.

The privacy notice will be effective when posting. If you disagree with the revised notice, you must change your options, or consider disabling GLOBAL-LED’s pages. By continuing to access or use our services after such changes take effect, you agree to be bound by the revised privacy statement