Return policy


In order to ensure the interests of Global LED lighting customers, please inform our customers about product exchange policy. The regulations for the reasons for acceptance, requests for products are exchanged and the processing time is returned to customers as follows:

I. General policy:

+ Change payment and refund: Free exchange and refund 100% within 7 days at Global Led Lighting Office: 49, DHT06, Ward Tan Hung Thuan, District 12, HCMC.

+ Conditions of products in the state of products are still beautiful, not broken or distorted, the product must be installed in accordance with the requirements of the technical guidance. The product is full of boxes, packaging, accessories and purchase invoices.

+ Other cases will be applied according to the “General policy of return and refund” of the Company as follows:

II. In case of repayment

1. Change due to product error:

+ Products lost their seal, delivered wrongly in quantity, information and designs compared to orders.

+ Product is broken due to the manufacturer’s fault (technical failure, design error, content, hidden / internal errors, different from the announced quality standards of the manufacturer) or error during transportation (deformed, scratched, smeared, cracked, etc.).

+ Products are not correct serial number / IME, size is not suitable

+ Product expired before or on the date the product is delivered to the customer.

+ Product warranty for 3 years, renewal of the first year. If the product has 2 years of warranty, it is not allowed to exchange other products of the same type and switch to the warranty policy. Or according to each specific contract.

+ Only apply for exchanging products of the same type.

Note: Do not apply to products on the list of products subject to change of payment or products with a change limit note in the product description.

2. Change payment due to changes in customer demand:

Global Led accepts to exchange other products for the reason that customers change their demand, but the accepted products will change based on the business policy at the time of customer request.

Expenses for exchanging products shall be agreed by Global Led with customers according to reasonable rates according to the announced list price list.

Note: Do not apply to products on the list of products subject to change of payment or products with a change limit note in the product description.

III. Regulation of return and exchange:

1. Conditions for exchanging returns

+ Products are not included in the list of restrictions and returns of Global Led.

+ The product is intact, fully labeled, original, sealed according to the original specifications (unless the product is defective or damaged during transport.

+ Products / services with full accessories (instructions for use, warranty card …) and accompanying gifts (if any).

+ Products are not dirty, no used signs.

+ Customers also keep confirming the purchase of goods at Global Led (order number, purchase invoice, delivery receipt, bank statement …) and complete the information on the request for return payment Global Led template (attached to the order).

+ Other cases will be charged for the exchange service fee.

2. Cost of return payment

+ Products that are defective by the manufacturer will be exchanged for free under the regulations of return payment (III.1).

+ Promotion products cannot be returned.

+ Accessories cannot be returned.

+ Free payment at the Warranty Center is free of charge. In other cases of payment, customers bear the shipping cost according to the shipping service’s price list.

+ Other fee to pay if any:

• Lost box: charge 2% of the total price on the bill.

• Loss of accessories: charge 5% of the total price on the invoice for a lost accessory
Scratched product: charge 5% of the total price on the invoice

• Promotional items: charge according to the published value of GLOBAL LED promotion

Also, DO NOT charge any other fees.

IV. Time to apply to pay back

Unless otherwise specified in the introduction of products / services on the website of GLOBAL LED, the customer has a period of 07 days from the date of receipt of the goods to send a request for return payment.

V. The time of requesting a change will be based on:

+ If the customer sends by post or delivery: the time of calculation according to the postmark of the post office or delivery unit.

+ If the customer carries / sends the goods to the repayment center: when the GLOBAL LED staff receives the returned product from the customer.


1. Refund principle

Refund method is based on the payment method of the customer when buying.

2. Refund method:

+ Refund via bank transfer.

+ Cash back at GLOBAL LED repayment center.

+ GLOBAL LED does not refund cash for inter-provincial goods: give priority to refunding money to card / account or via bank transfer of customers.

+ With the request to return products due to changes in customer needs, GLOBAL LED will refund money to customers’ cards / accounts or other forms decided by GLOBAL LED and / or regulations of broadcasting organizations International card administration.

3. Processing time

+ GLOBAL LED will send feedback results to Customer refund request via email or / and SMS within 2 working days after the customer support department receives the product back.

+ If the refund request meets the requirements in Section II, GLOBAL LED will perform a refund procedure for the customer since the request for return payment is made in the following time:

With non-bank payment methods: customers will receive refunds from 7 working days

With the payment method via bank: GLOBAL LED will complete the refund procedure from 7 working days and send the request to the bank to process and refund the account to the customer.

Note: For further inquiries, please contact GLOBAL LED customer care

Hotline: 0909101301 or send information to mail: for assistance.