Privacy policy


Purpose and scope for collecting personal information

Data collection through the website includes: email, phone, customer name, customer address. This information is only available when customers contact our company by phone number or Email of Global-led in the form of voluntary supply. In order to facilitate us to consult more about the products and services we provide. We do not use any software to silently get information from customers who have accessed the website.

We store information of customers who have contacted us, to send them the latest information about our products and promotions.

Scope of use of information

Website uses member information provided to:

Providing services to customers.

• Send notices about promotions that the company is conducting.

• Contact and process customer feedback after using GLOBAL-LED products.

• Technical support when customers request.

• In case of legal requirement: GLOBAL-LED Electrical Mechanical Solution Joint Stock Company is responsible for cooperating to provide personal information of customers upon request from judicial agencies including: Procuratorate, The court, the police agency investigates in relation to certain law violations of customers. In addition, no one has the right to violate the member’s personal information.

Individuals and organizations that have access to this information include:

• Staff of Sales, Marketing and Accounting Department of GLOBAL-LED Electrical Mechanical Solution Joint Stock Company.

• In the case of GLOBAL-LED Electrical Mechanical Solution Joint Stock Company, using SMS Brandname service of VNPT when sending customers with promotions, customer care, or advertising. GLOBAL-LED will provide customer phone number to VNPT to send the message.

Time to store information

Personal data of customers will be stored until customers request to delete their personal information. Remaining in any case personal information of members will be kept confidential on server

Mechanism for receiving and resolving complaints

In case you feel your personal information is disclosed, and are being used by others or causing trouble. You can contact and respond to the company in one of the following ways to be resolved:

– Send Email to only

– Call the phone number: 0909101301.