Customers buy products of GLOBAL LED.


With direct payment method, you can place an order on the Website or order by phone. Our staff will conduct shipment to you and confirm delivery date with you after shipment.

You are responsible for paying the full value of the order to our Delivery Officer or our Salesman (must have a referral) immediately after completing the goods inspection and receiving the invoice. You pay the correct amount on the invoice, if you have any questions, please call us for more specific information.

PRE-PAYMENT METHOD: Money transfer, bank transfer, direct payment in cash at our office

Money transfer / bank transfer: The steps are as follows:

Go to the bank nearest to your place to transfer / transfer money according to the details we provide: Amount, Name of the unit, account number, bank account, internal transfer / transfer .

Notify us (by phone, email, SMS, …) when you have made a money transfer or bank transfer.
Or please contact our Customer Care Department on the hotline 0909101301 to inform you of the money transfer.

As soon as we receive the “Yes” from the Bank, we will proceed to confirm with you and deliver the goods to you within the prescribed time.

We will not be responsible for errors in the process of transfer or wrong transfer of information, you must work with the bank to be processed properly, only when the money is transferred to our account, We will confirm with you. In some situations you can ask the bank that you make the transaction or our bank to use to check the necessary control.

Transfer information

Account holder’s name: ELECTRIC MOTOR WORLD CO., LTD

Account number: 060132481299

Bank: Sacombank Bank – District 12 Branch, HCM

Direct payment in cash:

You come to GLOBAL LED office, 49, DHT06, Ward Tan Hung Thuan, District 12, HCMC, to make payment, our staff will guide you.